Breaking Free From Weight Loss Plateaus

We all get stuck from time to time in our fitness and weight loss journey. The scale will not move, our strength gains are staying the same, or our run pace hasn’t improved. We have all hit the wall, so to speak. When you feel like this you need to switch things up. I was at that point about 2 years ago and I mad some changes and so far so good. Bridgette has compiled some great ideas on breaking through weight loss plateaus.

Breaking Free From Weight Loss Plateaus 

Our body desires to be in a state of homeostasis (it does not like change!). When we change things it has to work harder! And working harder means more calories burned!

FIRST~ check yourself and your calorie intake. Are you TRUELY eating within your daily calories? We frequently Lie to Ourselves and I am so Guilty of this!! SECOND ~ the closer you get to YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT, the harder it will be to loose weight!! THIRD~ know your tendencies!!! For Example: if you are compulsive ~ that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in your Freezer will call your name and you Will Answer when the mood is right! GET RID OF TEMPTATIONS!!

Here are a few things that may help you Break a Weight Loss Plateau:
1. Increase Activity
2. Confuse your muscles. Switch workout routines at least every 4-6 weeks. If your doing a Program that is longer, incorporate a Shock to your body!!
3. Increase/Decrease your calories for about 7 days
4. Increase/Decrease your Carbs based on your current diet. Have you been eating a lot of carbs and could stand for a decrease OR has your Carb intake been very minimal and could stand for an increase. DRASTICALLY cutting Carbs can really help you Break Through!!
5. Exercise harder or Increase your intensity. Remember ~ CHANGE YOUR WORKOUT Routine!! Add Weights!! Go Jogging!!
6. Add Challenges to your day. There is a Challenge for just about everything these days! I discovered The Burpee Challenge recently. Ben and I did a Wall sit challenge that increased time each day for 30 days and we finished with a 5 minute Wall Sit!! It was so mentally empowering. AND it broke a plateau for me!!
LASTLY AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE AND BEST PLATEAU BUSTER SECRET ••• Shakeology. And I’m not just saying it because we are coaches and get Credit for selling it. After 30 days my thighs FINALLY Changed. AND the slower metabolism I was developing with age CHANGED as well!! Shakeology is TRULY essential once you’ve had it for 30 days!!


Remember: If You Want Results, You Have To Be Willing To CHANGE Something.

What changes do you KNOW you would benefit from? What will be your action plan?

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